About Us

Stitch by Stitch

Bringing back old traditions - Our irresistible ornaments are individually hand-stitched using traditional materials and techniques. Each one of our products represents a unique work of art. Furthermore, each item is made of only the best materials. For instance, our felt is made of a blend of real sheep’s wool. Our unique designs come from the artisans themselves, with many of our best selling designs actually suggested by our customers.

A gift which reaches out twice -
You as the customer receive beautiful gifts for your family and friends or maybe even yourself! Our team receives a gift as well, because each sale helps us create more jobs for people with different abilities and supports our artisans.

Ethically Handmade - Consumers can make their buying decisions based on the knowledge that the products we provide have been produced in a safe and democratic workplace; that the producers are paid a fair wage and most importantly the workers have the opportunity to become independent and lead full and rewarding lives. We advocate the essentials of ethical trading! With items so beautifully detailed, it is obvious our crafters genuinely enjoy what they do!