7.5″ Felt Applique Bunny in Pink Coat Felt Ornament


100% UNIQUE DESIGN: This adorable felt applique rabbit ornament wears a pink jacket adorned with springtime bees and flowers with a white picket fence. She dangles a carrot from her right hand and smiles with her little beady eyes! The stitching is reminiscent of the care a grandparent would show that you can no longer find in more modern mass produced products.
100% HANDMADE: Our irresistible ornaments are individually hand-stitched using traditional materials and techniques. Each one of our products represents a unique work of art. 
A GIFT WHICH REACHES OUT TWICE – You as the customer receive beautiful gifts for your family and friends or maybe even yourself! Our team receives a gift as well, because each sale
helps us create more jobs for people with different abilities and supports our artisans.
ETHICALLY HANDMADE – Consumers can make their buying decisions based on the
knowledge that the products we provide have been produced in a safe and democratic
workplace; that the artists are paid a fair wage and most importantly our artists have
the opportunity to become independent and lead full and rewarding lives. 

SIZE: This bunny rabbit is 7.5″ in height! Comes with an ornament string for easy hanging.

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Materials: Felt, Polyfill, Thread, Yarn, Seed Beads

❤  All ornaments are ready made and come with an ornament string attached.
❤  Each ornament is 100% handmade. They are hand cut and hand sewn to order. ❤  Hang these adorable ornaments on the tree, windows, in the car, or as a gift attachment.
❤  Please note item is designed as a decoration and not a toy.
❤  As these are handmade items, the stitching and other details may vary slightly.
❤  Ornament is suitable for everyday use and display!


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